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  • Lego helper

    LNS story part 2

    May 10, 2013 by Lego helper

    You are here in the world of lego nexus squad. now that you have got all 16 keystones it is time to find the 16 powerful people. but wait what about one eyed jack. he was trying to kill you. now it is time to show of your skills. use the blood forge at the far right. and get your weapon to be forged into blood frost or unholy.

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  • Lego helper

    You must save the squad of nexus 16 people on a adventure to find a big ball called the crux magic. but now where are they no one knows. now it is up to you and your friends to get the ball of crux magic and save the 16 powerful people. but before that you have to complete your traning go to diffrent worlds get level ups and most of all.. join a faction. But beware of Kutork the slayer. the most powerful bad demon. But also beware of one eyed jack he is helping you but is he trying to kill you? find out. when the game comes out.

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  • Lego helper

    Meet the team

    May 4, 2013 by Lego helper

    hi for the team we got. Lego_helper LDD creater. we will have more people.

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